Orlando band Beemo are some of the best practitioners with a genteel Americana sound that weaves together folk, mountain and string traditions with a polished modern take.

Beemo’s Sound

In addition to a decade’s worth of original songs, Beemo is also known for unexpected covers ranging from Ah-Ha to Ozzy Ozbourne. The band features lead vocalist Dan Harshbarger, Matt Juliano on Mandolin, Sean Quinn on lead guitar, percussion from Justin JB Braun and bassist Tony Mickle.

Awards & Accomplishments

Added to 80+ college radio stations across the U.S. and Canada

Voted “Best Folk Act” by the readers of Orlando Weekly magazine

Selected for Dr. Phillips Center Amp’d concert series

Performed at South by Southwest Innovation panel in Austin, TX

Meet Beemo

Dan Harshbarger

Dan Harshbarger

Dan Harshbarger is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, contributing songwriter, and co-founder of Beemo. Dan’s distinct vocals and heartfelt delivery paint vivid images of love, loss, hope, and healing that establish a bond between Beemo and listeners.

Lead Vocals


“Music has the power to unite and connect us all – we’re very intentional about what we do.”
– Dan Harshbarger

Sean Patrick Quinn

Sean Patrick Quinn

Sean is Beemo’s lead guitarist, contributing song writer, founding member and the most rock-n-roll of the bunch. As a six-string aficionado and fan of the heavy metal guitar shredders and hero’s Sean delivers fantastic solos tailored to the Americana sound that excite and delight audiences.


Electric & Acoustic Guitars


“Hey guys – here’s what I’m thinking for the solo. I mix a little Ratt, Stevie Ray Vaughn, some Depeche Mode feel, and top it off with a Johnny Cash vibe.”
– Sean Patrick Quinn

Justin “JB” Braun

Justin “JB” Braun

Justin “JB” Braun is Beemo’s percussionist, backing vocalist and contributing song writer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in music with a specialization in percussion and an MBA from Rollins College – Crummer Graduate School of Business. He joined the band in 2015 at the request of Tony who “cold called” him and politely requested his availability. JB just kept showing up to practice ever since.


“I thought Tony’s last name was Beemo for a few months.”
– JB Braun

Matt Juliano

Matt Juliano is Beemo’s mandolin player, guitarist, pianist, contributing songwriter, and drill sergeant. He joined Beemo in 2008, adding a wonderful touch of Bluegrass instrumentation to the mix. An avid dinosaur enthusiast, Matt loves the prehistoric beasties, writes songs about them and even animated a Beemo video with crime solving dinosaurs. Take that Spielberg!




“[“I feel like we practice this song a lot.”] It’s because I feel like we screw it up a lot”
– Matt Juliano

Anthony “Tony” Mickle

Anthony “Tony” Mickle is Beemo’s bassist, contributing song writer, backing vocalist, resident art nerd and acting manager or as he describes it “cat wrangler.” Tony joined Beemo in 2012, at the request of lead guitarist Sean Patrick Quinn, a work colleague.


Backup Vocals

“If I join your band, would you please get out of my cube?”
⁃ Tony to Sean, April 2012